Sheri Fritz
Remax Alliance Crossroads

Pitch it , Pack it and Proceed!

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, I specialize in working with the 50+ age group, selling their homes and helping them transition to one of Colorado's many adult communities. I have found out that one of the biggest challenges people have when getting ready to make their move, is the packing of their personal belongings. 

What to pitch and what to pack? It can be an overwhelming process for many who have accumulated so much through the years and just do not have the strength to get it done. When speaking to several past clients quite a few mentioned to me that they put off moving to a safer place because they felt overwhelmed about the amount belongings they had. 

My main goal is to help my clients transition to a new home that will be low maintenance, safe and they can enjoy for many years to follow.

You see I work a differently than other Realtors, let me show you how I can help guide you in getting it all done in a timely fashion. 

Once we meet, I will evaluate your home and also the amount of personal belongings you have. We will put a plan in place together with you and with a time frame that works for you.

I will guide you all the way through the process and I will even provide you with 20 moving boxes! 

Please reach out to me for a free evaluation.

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